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Home Birth A Trial of Labour October 31, 2010

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This is the finished documentary uploaded to Vimeo

[Vimeo 16358407]


Viral Ad Campaign October 31, 2010

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Working with Karen Damiani, Rose Fyson and Nicole Towan, we created an ad campaign called Budget Ads for Tight Arses. Businesses could advertise their products on cyclists behinds. While targeting businesses I felt we also needed to target the cyclists and encourage them to wear the ads. So with this is mind we created the following ad. Although it somewhat deviates from our pre-production ideas seen on Tongue In Cheek Productions blog, I felt the ad was close to what we were looking for.

I think we could have improved our outcomes with better time management, and also by creating more than one ad. I think by creating more ads we would have been able to drive more traffic to our Facebook page and the campaign would have been more successful.

Documentary Pre-Production July 31, 2010

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I am working with Nicole Towan on a documentary titled Home Birth A Trial of Labour. This documentary explores the sometimes contentious topic of home birth and the issues surrounding women’s right to choose home birth in the future.  The following is the treatment for the documentary.


Act 1 – 5 minutes

Scene 1 – Introduction

Fading in on images of babies and children, short sound bites from the interviewees, accompanies the images and introduces the contentious topic of home birth. An interview with the director further introduces the topic of the film, as she explains her experiences with home birth, and the reasons why she is making this film.

Scene 2 – Conflict

A voice over narration is overlaid with archival photos of maternity hospital wards, and pregnant women from pre 1950. A brief history of home birth in Australia, and the current crisis facing independent midwifes. Facts and figures fade in and are overlaid with sound bites from an independent midwife describing the issues that she faces in her profession.

Act 2 – 10 minutes

Scene 3 – Opinions

The scene opens with an informal group discussion with women that have experienced both hospital birth and home birth. The women discuss reasons why women choose home birth, and how they feel about the changes in legislation and collaborative care arrangements. The director participates and drives the discussion to explore the main issues of home birth and the public!s perception.

Scene 4 – Opposition

Revisiting some of the black and white images of labour and maternity hospital wards we talk to a professional that has an opposing view to home birth that discusses the reasons why hospital births are a safer option. Statistics and percentages regarding home birth are shown on screen with narration explaining the figures. Footage from the Birth Choices rally is shown to highlight the issue and the changing legislation regarding home birth.

Scene 5 – Independent Midwife

The issue is examined more closely through the opinions of an independent midwife and the challenges she faces in her profession. Issues such as lack of indemnity insurance for independent midwives, and a lack of public funded home birth programs are discussed. We also discuss the experience that an independent midwife brings to the birth and how this may differ from a hospital birth.

Scene 6 – Hospital Midwife

Contrasting the experience of an independent midwife, we talk to a midwife that works within the hospital system and her opinion on home birth. The interview discusses the reasons why she works within the hospital system and how this differs from an independent midwife. We also look at what birth options there are for women who choose a hospital birth, and how the changing legislation may affect her.

Act 3 5-10 min

Scene 7 – Perspectives

A section of individual interviews focus on the different perspectives of women who are expecting or baby or who have had a baby. The film follows the experiences of a woman planning a home birth and how the changes may affect her planned birth later this year.

Scene 8 – The future

An independent midwife gives her opinion on how the changes in legislation will affect her personally, and what she foresees happening in the future. Images of home births will signify the final part of the film, accompanied by soft melodic music.

Actions and Batching – Photoshop Tutorial April 13, 2010

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Masking with the Pen Tool – Photoshop Tutorial April 13, 2010

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Alice in Wonderland – Review March 20, 2010

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Directed by Tim Burton, Alice in Wonderland is essentially what one would expect from a Tim Burton film; quirky characters, unbelievable settings, 3D and CGI characters and environments. ‘Alice in Wonderland’ is a typical Tim Burton film. Based on the classic novel by Lewis Carrol, Burton was charged with giving new life to this classic tale. While undeniably creating the film with his own sense of visual narrative, I found something is lacking. The film makes use of the new 3D technology, and is shown in both 2D and 3D versions. Watching the film in 3D I felt that the ‘3D’ was barely noticeable in some parts.

Burton has teamed up with Johnny Depp once again by casting him in the role of the Mad Hatter. Depp is a fantastic character actor, yet I found his role as the Mad Hatter was too similar to the character of Captain Jack in Pirates of the Carribean. Burton had attempted to give the Hatter a back story to add some depth to what is a very two-dimensional character. It is hard to induce sympathy for such a quirky unbalanced character, and I felt he missed the mark with this one. While Depp does bring some credulity to the film, this wasn’t backed up by the supporting cast. Helena Bonham Carter plays the Red Queen, a role I believe she played quite well.

Alice in Wonderland had the potential to be one of the great films of the year, but sadly, Burton must have based his version on the previous Disney version without reading the book.  While visually stunning, Burton has a failed to breathe new life into the story or the characters. While there were some amusing parts in the film, such as Matt Lucas in the role of Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Overall the film was lacking in humour and in tension. The dialogue in the film didn’t live up to the visual expectations, it was dead pan and lackluster. Burton has failed to give viewers an understanding of the characters motivations, just why did the Cheshisre Cat decide to help Alice?

The cinematography is bland and lifeless, worsened by the 3-D process. In Alice in Wonderland, color is destroyed by the process, dimly lit scenes are hard on the eyes, and CG animations become blurry and distracting. Burton dislikes conformity which is shown in the ridiculous characters such as Hamish, the sniveling mummy’s boy who asks Alice to marry him. We may laugh at these characters but this approach easier for the audience to distance themselves from the characters. The film lacks any sort of cleverness, leaving the audience feeling cold towards the film and towards Burton himself.

I wonder at Burton/Disney’s decision to release this movie in 3D. Obviously, box office takings were the motivation behind the choice. To pay $21 to see a 3D film I would expect that the 3D would amaze and delight. After seeing Avatar, we’re back to a film that has been released in 3D for no other reason than to make the audience look ridiculous in those hideous 3D glasses. Alice in Wonderland barely resembled the original book by Lewis Carrol and Burton seems to have ruined a much-loved children s story. This film puts me off seeing any of Burton’s films in the future. I rate this film a 3/10.

Avatar – Step Outline February 22, 2010

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1. The Setup

The year is 2154, humans have exploited the earth to the point where they need a mineral Unobtanium for the earth to continue to survive. Jake Sully is a paraplegic marine sent to the far off planet of Pandora to assist with the exploration of Pandora and facilitate relations with the native race of Na’vi. Jake is assigned to Dr Augustine’s botany exploration team, but is asked to report to Colonel Quritch about all that he learns of the Na’vi. Jake, in the form of his Avatar meets the Navi and comes to learn their ways. He falls in love with Neytiri and becomes a Na’vi.

2. Inciting incident

Jake becomes one of the Na’vi, and mates with Neytiri, but conflict occurs when the humans begin to destroy the Na’vi’s homeland in an effort to mine the Unobtanium. Jake is caught between doing what is expected of him as a soldier and being loyal to the clan that he has become a part of.

3. Act One Turning point

After the humans destroy the Tree of Life, Jake reveals to the Na’vi that he knew all along the humans plans to destroy Hometree. Neytiri and the rest of the clan feel betrayed by Jake and Grace, who they had welcomed into their clan. Colonel Quritch believes Jake has committed the ultimate betrayal by becoming a ‘native’.

4. Mid Point

Jake pleads with Parker Selfridge to let him try and talk the Na’vi into leaving hometree. When Jake fails to convince the Na’vi to vacate their home, and is taken prisoner by the Na’vi, Selfridge orders the Colonel to destroy Hometree. Despondent about loosing Neytiri and allowing Hometree to be destroyed Jake must find a way to repair his relationship with the Na’vi and escape from the Hells Gate compound where he is being held. Jake, Grace and Norm escape with the help of Trudy, but Grace is shot by the Colonel. Jake must find a way for the Na’vi to trust him again.

5. Act two turning point

Jake realises the only way he can get help for Grace and have the Na’vi trust him again is to capture and ride the great Banshee. Jake successfully links with the Banshee and rides to the Mother Tree where the Na’vi are gathered. Jake pleads his case and attempts to help the Na’vi defeat the humans. Jake brings Grace to the mother tree so that she can be healed and placed in her Avatar body but it is too late and Grace dies.

6. Act three turning point

Jake rallies the Na’vi together and with the help of Neytiri the gain help from the other Na’vi clans of Pandora. The humans plan to attack the Mother Tree Jake and the Na’vi must stop them before they destroy the The Mother Tree.

7. Resolution

Jake and the Na’vi succeed in saving the Mother Tree. Jake and Colonel Quritch battle, Jake’s human body nearly dies, but he is saved by Neytiri. With the help of the Na’vi Jakes, human form is merged with his Avatar so he completely becomes a Na’vi.

Avatar – Treatment February 21, 2010

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It is 130 years in the future. Humans have landed on the planet Pandora to mine for a mineral called Unobtanium. DR GRACE AUGUSTINE is the lead biologist of the AVATAR project. Avatars have been created using a mix of human DNA and NA’VI to create creatures that look like Na’vi the native Pandoran race. . Avatars are remotely controlled by humans through a link. Jake Sully is an ex marine who lost the use of his legs in a previous campaign. Jake’s brother signed up to the Avatar project but lost his life, Jake is asked to take his place. As they are twins they share the same DNA, allowing Jake to be able to control his  brothers Avatar.

Jake arrives on Pandora and attends the briefing held by COLONEL MILES QURITCH. The meeting finishes and Jake meet NORM SPELLMAN, a biologist assigned to the Avatar project. Jake and Norm meet Grace, she is impressed by Norm’s knowledge of the Na’vi language but unimpressed by Jake’s lack of skills and experience. Grace is angry that they have assigned her an ex marine that has no training or experience in botany, or the Avatar project. Grace confronts ADMINISTRATOR PARKER SELFRIDGE. Selfridge explains to Grace that they are there to mine for Unobtanium and it is Grace’s job to find a diplomatic solution to their problems with the Na’vi.

Grace, Norm and Jake prepare to link with their Avatars. Jake awakens in his Avatar body and is excited that he can once again move his legs, he runs from the ICU and into the Avatar compound. The Avatars bed down for the night, and Jake awakens back in his human body. After dinner Jake meets TRUDY CHACON, one of the pilots. Trudy takes Jake to meet with Colonel Quritch. The Colonel offers Jake the operation that will regain the use of his legs, if he reports directly to him on his interactions with the Na’vi.

It is the next day and Grace, Norm and Jake are flown out into the wilds of Pandora, by Trudy. While Grace and Norm, take samples, Jake’s curiosity gets the better of him and he goes off to explore. He comes upon a HAMMERHEAD TITANOTHERE, he’s first instinct is to shoot at at. Grace and Norm catch up to Jake, Grace tells Jake to stand he ground. The Hammerhead charges at Jake, but he stands his ground. Boasting about his triumph he fails to notice the THANATOR behind him. Jack runs from the Thanator it catches him but Jake escapes by removing his backpack. The Thanator continues to chase Jake, but he leaps off a cliff into a river.

Jake is no alone, separated from the rest of the group. He carves a makeshift spear from a young sapling, above in the trees a Na’vi woman, NEYTIRI watches. She draws back her bow, but a seed lands on her arrow, she releases the bow, and runs off into the forest. It is night and Jake uses his spear to make a torch. As he lights the torch noises from the forest begin to grow louder. The torch reveals a pack of VIPERWOLVES, they come at Jake who tries to fend them off the best he can. Suddenly Neytiri leaps into the clearing firing arrows at the wolves.

The wolves have run away Neytiri picks up the torch and throws it in the stream. She is angered that one of the Viperwolves had to die for Jake’s stupidity. Jake realises she can speak english and begins to follow her. As they approach the HOMETREE, a group of Na’vi warriors approaches, riding DIREHORSES. They surround Jake and their leader TSU’TEY threatens to kill Jake. Jake is lead into Hometree as a prisoner and brought before Neytiri’s father EYTUKAN. Eytukan demands to know why she brought Jake there, Neytiri explains she saw a sign. Moat, Neytiris mother enters and examines Jake. Moat decides that Jake is to learn the Na’vi ways and become part of the clan, Neytiri is to teach him.

Jake awakens in his human body and tells the team of his adventure. He briefs the Colonel and Selfridge about Hometree and its structure. One of the lab doctors see’s Jake reporting to Selfridge. Jake is again in his Avatar body. Neytiri is teaching him to ride a Direhorse, by linking and bonding with the animal. Later Jake is back in his human body. Grace and her team are packing up the equipment, she informs Jake they are going to a camp high up in the mountains. Trudy flies them though floating mountains, her equipment doesn’t function properly due to the flux. Trudy leaves them at the camp and Jake enters his Avatar body again.

Months go by as Neytiri teaches Jake the ways of the Na’vi. Finally it is Jakes turn to select his BANSHEE to fly. Tsu’tey leads a group of young Na’vi warriors and Jake to where the Banshee live. Jake goes first and finds a large Banshee that is getting ready to kill him. He tackles the Banshee and eventually makes the link. To seal the bond he jumps on the Banshees back and they fly. Neytiri joins him in the sky and the pair and their Banshees fly together.

Jake in his human body begins to feel that living is a Na’vi is more real than being in his human body. Jake returns back to base and meets with the Colonel, who tells him his mission is complete and that when he returns to earth he’ll get the operation to fix his legs. Jake asks the Colonel for more time as he is close to being one of the Na’vi clan. Jake enters the link as his Avatar. A clan meeting takes place and Jake becomes one of the Na’vi. Neytiri takes Jake to the tree of souls where they bond with their ancestors. Neytiri tells Jake that now he is part of the clan he can mate with any woman he desires. Jake tells Neytiri of his feelings for her and they pair mate.

They next morning Neytiri awakens to the sound of a dozer coming right at them, she frantically tries to wake Jake, but he is still in his human body. Jake makes the link and awakens to Neytiri’s pleas. Jake realises the situation and tells Neytiri to run as he climbs on the dozer and smashes the camera’s. Jake and Neytiri watch from the forest as the Tree of Life is torn apart by the dozer. Back at the base Colonel Quritch recognises Jakes Avatar as the Na’vi that smashed the camera’s on the dozer. Back at Hometree Jake tries to warn the Na’vi that the humans are coming to destroy Hometree. Tsu’tey is angered that Jake has mated with Neytiri and they fight. Meanwhile Colonel Quritch and his soldiers have come to the camp in the mountains to shut down the links. Before Jakes can explain to the Na’vi, the link is broken. Tsu’tey tries to kill Jake’s Avatar body, but he is rescued by Neytiri.

Jake, Grace and Norm are brought back to the base where they are shown the footage of Jake smashing the camera’s. They are told that the project has been shut down and they are moving in to destroy Hometree. Grace and Jake plead for one more chance to convince the Na’vi to move on. Selfridge gives Jake and Grace one hour to speak to the Na’vi. Jack confesses that he knew all along that the humans were going to destroy Hometree. Neytiri is upset with Jakes betrayal and the Na’vi take Grace and Jake as prisoners. Selfridge gives the go ahead and Colonel Quritch prepares the gunships to blast Hometree.

The Na’vi try in vain to fend off the invaders. Eytukan is killed, Neytiri and the rest of the Na’vi flee into the forest. Moat releases Jake and Grace in the hope that they can help save the Na’vi. Hometree is destroyed. Selfridge orders the link to be broken and Jake, Grace and Norm are locked in a cell. Trudy rescues, Jake, Grace and Norm, and they escape the compound. As they leave Grace is hit by one of Colonel Qurith’s bullets. They fly to the camp and take one of the containers containing the link pods and move it to a safe place.

Jake realises that the only way he can get the Na’vi to listen to him and help Grace is by capturing the GREAT LEONOPTERYX and become Toruk Macto. Jake flies to the MOTHER TREE, where the Na’vi are gathered. The Na’vi greet him as one of there own as he had the courage to tame the Great Leonopteryx. Tsu’tey agrees to fly with him and help gather the rest of the Na’vi clans. Jake brings Grace and her Avatar to the Mother Tree where the Na’vi try to save her by making the link  to her Avatar permanent. Grace is too week and dies.

Jake and Neytiri fly to all  the clans on Pandora and ask them to fight in a battle against the humans. Back at the base Colonel Quritch briefs the soldiers on the upcoming battle. Jake learns that they are preparing to attack the Mother Tree and formulates a plan to help save the Na’vi. The gunships arrive near the Mother Tree and the battle begins. Na’vi riding Banshees attach the gunships and bring them down. Tsu’tey is shot trying to attack the carrier ship that contains the explosives.

Meanwhile on the ground Norm fights with the Na’vi riding Direhorses, but take too many casualties and are driven back by the humans. Suddenly a hoard of Hammerheads and Viperwolve’s attack the humans and join in the war. A group of wild banshees begin to attack the gunships. Colonel Quritch’s ship is taken down, as it hits the ground Quritch jumps into an Ampsuit and lands on the ground near where Jake is asleep in the link pod. Neytiri riding a Thanator, attacks Quritch, but Quritch kills the Thanator, trapping Neytiri beneath it. Jake arrives in the clearing and begins to fight with Quritch. Quritchs smashes the container holding Jakes link pod and noxious air seeps into the container, causing Jake to loose the link with his Avatar. Just when Quritch is about to kill Jake, Neytiri frees herself and shoots Quritch with two arrows, killing him.

Inside the container Jake frees himself from the link pod and desperately reaches for a breathing mask but passes out before he can get it on. Neytiri, realises Jakes predicament and leaps into the container and saves Jake. Back at the base the Na’vi watches as the human board there ships and go home after loosing the battle. Jake prepares to enter the link pod one final time. The Na’vi are gathered around the Mother Tree. Jack lays next to his Avatar, as the Na’vi chant. Jake is transferred into his Avatar body to completely become a Na’vi.

James Cameron’s Avatar – Review February 20, 2010

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James Cameron’s Avatar, is a visually stunning masterpiece. From start to finish you are immersed in the world which is Pandora, feeling sympathy for the characters and their world. Ten years in the making, and following the success of Cameron’s last film ‘Titanic’, ‘Avatar’ is what audiences would expect from Cameron; a Hollywood blockbuster. Combining 3D and the latest stereoscopic technology, Avatar gives audiences a totally immersive experience; placing them within the film. Cameron wrote the script for Avatar ten years previous, but had to wait until the technology was available to make it the film it is today. Stereoscopic camera’s were custom built for Avatar, which is now paving the way for other 3D films.

The story centers around Jake Sully, a paraplegic marine. The story is essentially a ‘hero’ film, the story closely follows Jake’s experiences as he becomes part of a Na’vi clan. The story itself may have been done a hundred times in various other films, but what places Avatar above the rest is the use of 3D technologies and vivid imagery. Having never before seen a 3D film the first 10 minutes of the film I was wrapped up in the amazing experience of feeling as though I was part of the film. The chosen shots were carefully constructed to make the most of the 3D experience. I found certain shots somewhat distracting, the objects closest to the camera would often appear blurred, but these shots were few and far between.

What I loved most about Avatar was its realism, not story wise but effects wise. The 3D animals and monsters were constructed in such a manner that they could easily pass as live action. With an decrease in theater ticket sales, and more and more people choosing to download and watch movies at home, the industry sorely needed the technology and high grossing film to bring the audiences back into the theater. Cameron has successfully done this with Avatar. Having seen the film on the small screen and in the theater, I definitely believe that seeing Avatar in 3D was worth every cent. It is an experience I would pay to see again.

The visual narrative created by Cameron was memorable, while the storyline was somewhat lacking the effects more than made up for that. Audiences now eagerly await a sequel, as do I. It is hard to imagine how a sequel could possibly be better, but with Cameron as director anything is possible.

The Hidden Fortress – Treatment February 19, 2010

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Two lowly Japanese peasants, MATASHICHI and TAHEI, wander across a barren landscape desperaretly needing food and water. They argue about each others body odour and the mess they’d got themselves into. The pair are returning to Hayakawa from the Province of Akizuki where they travelled to be soldiers in the Japanese clan wars, but they arrived too late for the fighting. Mistaken for part of the defeated army they were forced to bury bodies. On the way home they find the border of Hayakawa and Akizuki heavily gaurded.

A group of horsemen chasing a lone samuri warrior thunder towards the pair. The samuri is cut down. Matashichi and Tahei argue and part ways. The Yamana army capture Matashichi and Tahei putting them to work on digging for buried gold in the remains of Akizuki castle. During an uprising of the captived Matashichi and Tahei reunite and escape.

Matashichi and Tahei sit around a campfire and discuss that there is a reward if they can find the Princess of Akizuki. Tahei notices that the logs on the fire aren’t burning properly, he throws the stick away and finds a piece of gold hidden inside the stick. They realise it is the gold of the Akizuki clan and begin searching for more sticks that contain gold. They argue about who deserves the bigger share of the gold, when they notice a man watching them.

Deciding to come back later they head back to there campfire. The man approaches the two peasants and sits down by their fire. Tahei and Matashichi tell the stranger their plans to cross through Yamana to get back to Hayakawa. The stranger agrees that it is a good idea and it will be quicker for the three of them to carry the sticks filled with gold.
The stranger takes them to a hidden fortress in the mountains and makes them climb a rocky cliff face. Matashichi and Tahei struggle their way to the top, to find the stranger is already inside. They ask the stranger his name and learn his is ROKUROTA MAKABE, general of the Akizuki clan. Makabe shows them the hidden tunnel entrance to the fortress. Makabe leads them to a nearby spring of water, and warns them not to enter the tunnel through the spring as it is blocked.

Back at the fortress a strange girl watches the men from atop of a hill. Makabe races to catch the girl but she runs away. Matashichi and Tahei ask Makabe who the girl is he warns them to stay away from her. Makabe makes Matashichi and Tahei dig for the rest of the hidden gold, they argue again and Tahei nearly stabs Matashichi with a rake. Disgrunteld with Makabe for making them work they decide to investigate the spring.

At the spring Matashichi and Tahei meet the strange girl. They follow her and ask questions as to who she is, but she beats them off with a stick. The peasants find an expensive looking comb that the girl left behind. Matakabe finds them following the girl and berates them for disobeying his orders. Matashichi and Tahei believe that the girl is more than just a lowly peasant, and that she is the Akizuki Princess, they try to convice Matakabe to ransom her.

Later Makabe finds Matashichi alone and asks him where Tahei has gone. Matashichi tells him that Tahei has gone to the Yamana clan to tell them of the Princess’s whereabouts. Tahei returns and tells Makabe that the Princess has already been beheaded and he is sorry to have betrayed Makabe. Makabe hearing of this enters the spring and the hidden tunnel where the PRINCESS AKIZUKI is hiding with her carer.

Makabe tells the princess that they can relax now and that his sister was beheaded as she was pretending to be the Princess. The Princess is upset to learn Makabe sarcrificed his own sister, and storms off in a huff. Members of the Akizuki clan arrive to inform Makabe of current events. Makabe decides that the best way to smuggle the Princess and the gold back to Hayakawa is for the Princess to pretend she is mute.

Makabe tells Matashichi and Tahei that they are leaving the mountain today and to collect all the sticks with the hidden gold from the spring. Along the way the foursome come to a check point along the border, Makabe goes to scout ahead while the Princess stays behind with Matashichi, Tahei and the horses. Matashichi and Tahei decided that it would be a good moment to take their share of the gold and steal the horses and attempt to cross the border. Unaware that the Princess is pretending to be mute and can hear them they plot to steal the gold.

While crossing the river Matashichi and Tahei are spotted and the Yamana army begins to chase them. Makabe returns to where he left his companions to find them gone, fearful of the Princess’s safety he frantically searches for them, finding the Princess down the road leading the horses back to him. Makabe realises Matashichi’s and Tahei’s attempt at betrayal and tells them to take the gold and leave, but they decide it is safer to stay with Makabe.

They head back to the hidden fortress to find the Yamana clan has discovered their hiding place and burnt it. Makabe has a plan, the group travel straight through one of the Yamana checkpoints. Makabe shows one of the gaurds a piece of wood with gold inside. Makabe demands a reward and the group is let through the checkpoint. A rider approaches the checkpoint and tells the guards to immediately arrest several men and a girl carrying wood if they are seen. The gaurd realises he has let Princess Akizuki pass.

The group come to a town overun by Yamana soldiers, and learn that the soldiers are looking for them. The Princess tries to rescue an Akizuki girl that has been sold into prostitution. Makabe trades the horses for a girl and a cart, the girl leaves with them and helps push the cart containing the wood with the hidden gold. Yamanan soldiers come upon the group but mistake them for harmless peasants, and tell them to be on the lookout for a group of four people. Matashichi and Tahei are happy they fooled the soldiers, but the soldiers return and Makabe kills one of them. Two soldeirs ride off to report them.

Makabe chases the soldiers back to their camp where he fights with Yamanan General, HYOE TADOKORO. Makabe wins the fight and leaves the Yamanan camp unharmed. The group makes camp in the bush deciding what to do next. The peasant girl enters a nearby town to find food for her companions and learns that the Yamana soldiers are searching for them. Makabe leaves to find something to put the gold in. Matashichi and Tahei decide to betray Makabe and take all the gold and kill the princess. The peasant girl returns and holds Makabe and Tahei at bay threatening them with a rock.

Matashichi and Tahei hear noises and go to investigate. They realise that everyone is carrying wood and that it is the fire festival. Realising their luck they gather the the wood and the girls and join the group. Makabe returns to find them gone, he catches up with them at the festival and forces Matashichi and Tahei to throw the wood into the fire. They sing and dance and blend in with the festival goers. The next morning after the festival they all search throuh the firepit for the gold.

Gathering the gold they each carry a portion of the gold and continue on their way. Matashichi and Tahei, in their greed, return the the firepit and try to gather more gold but are noticed by the Yamana soldiers, they attempt to escape but are followed into the forrest. They catch up with Makabe but it is too late, they have been found by the soldiers. Matashichi and Tahei flee but the others are captured.

Tadokoro sees the prisoners to identify them. His face bears a horrible scar, as he was disgraced after loosing the fight with Makabe. The princess sings him the song from the fire festival. The following day Tadokoro decides to switch sides and helps Makabe and Princess Akizuki escape across the border to Hayakawa. In the confusion the horses carrying the Akizuki gold get loose.

Matashichi and Tahei make is across the border to Hayakawa, they argue again. Suddenly the horses carry the gold approach them and they realise their good fortune. Once again they argue over who should have the bigger share of the gold. Hayakawa soldiers come upon them and arrest them for stealing gold. In a cell the two peasants are still arguing when they are brought before Princess Akizuki. For helping her she rewards them with a piece of gold to share between them and lets them go. Matashichi and Tahei argue about which of them will have the gold, as neither man wants it.